Top 10 in the Big 12!

Big 12

By Brianna Pleasant,

The Big 12 Conference is filled with teams that have always be dominate competitors when it comes to the realm of college football. But for the past couple of seasons, the basketball programs have been making a steady rise as dominate contenders as well.

This is my team rankings for the Big 12!
Kansas Jayhawks: The Jayhawks are regarded as one of the most prestigious collegiate basketball programs of the modern era. There is no surprise that their reign of success has been accomplished through talent and smart recruitment. As of right now, Kansas has three of the top 100 high school prospects committed to the program. The additions of:small forward,Josh Jackson, center, Udoka Azubuike and power forward, Mitch Lighfoot will give the Jayhawks more depth. With the return of just a few key players from last season, the Jayhawks should have another winning year.
Oklahoma Sooners: The Sooners had one of the most successful seasons they have experienced in a longtime last year. That was due largely to Buddy Hield, but the team as a whole was one of the best the program has produced in a while. The Sooners have already had four of the top 100 high school prospects sign with them. The additions of Cameron McGusty, Kristian Doolittle, Matt Freeman, and Darrion Strong will be key aspects to the team. So Oklahoma has a lot of key talent to replace if they plan to repeat the season they just had.
Baylor Bears: The Baylor Bears have actually put a few successful seasons under their belts. They have garnered such major success stories and have sent a few guys to the pros within the last couple of years. As of right now, they have signed two of the top 100 high school prospects. The additions of small forward Mark Vital and small forward Nuni Omot will be key for the team. The Bears relied heavily on rebounding and perimeter shooting. Hopefully the will be able to replace the talent they lost to the draft last season.
Iowa State Cyclones: The Cyclones have had some touch-and-go season the past couple of years. One year they will be dominate contenders and then others they tend to fall by the wayside. But going off of the recruitment status, it looks like this could be another successful season for the Cyclones. The program has signed five of the top 100 high school prospects for next season. The additions of Jakolby Long, Cameron Lard, Solomon Young, Donovan Jackson and Emmanuel Malou will fill key positions that the team needs.
West Virginia Mountaineers: The Mountaineers have been on the steady incline the past couple of seasons. They have had multiple winning seasons but fail to garner much success in the post season. Now they have had four of the top 100 high school prospects already sign. The additions of Maciej Bender, Sagaba Konate, Chase Harler and Brandon Knapper will be key for the team. Hopefully they will be just what the team needs in order to find the sucess they have been looking for in the post season.
Texas Longhorns:  Longhorns basketball has a very successful legacy but they have lacked much success in the modern era. They have had some winning season and have made it to the post season several times, It’s just the lack of success during the post season that has tarnished the program. They do have four of the top 100 high school prospects signed. The additions of Jarrett Allen, Andrew Jones, James Banks and Jacob Young might add the spark that this program needs. And hopefully the second year Longhorns head coach, Shaka Smart will have better success this time around.
Texas Tech Raiders: The Raiders had a pretty successful season last year. They advanced to the NCAA Tournament for the first time in nine years. They have only had two of the top 100 high school prospects sign with them so far. The additions of Shadell Millinghaus and Niem Stevenson will be helpful. Although the team is going through a transition year since former coach, Tubby Smith, left the team after only three season with the team. The Raiders will now be coached by Chris Beard.
Oklahoma State Cowboys: The Cowboys had a really tough season last year. They went only (3-15) in conference play and (12-20) overall. This was one of the main causes for the firing head coach, Travis Ford. But somehow even with a terrible season, the Cowboys were able to land four of the top 100 high school prospects. The additions of Cameron McGriff, Lindy Water !!!, Thomas Dziagwa and Brandon Averette will hopefull be helpful in turning the program back around. The team will now be coached by Brand Underwood.
Kansas State Wildcats: The program has been pretty successful overall. They have flown under the radar the past couple of years through. They always come out with a successful record but never seem to dominate in post season play. They have signed four of the top 100 high school prospects. The additions of Xavier Sneed, James Love, Cartier Diarra and Brian Patrick will hopefully give this team the edge they’ve been needing.
TCU Horned Frogs: TCU has never really be known for their basketball program. And that’s because the program has never been a dominate force. The team has found some success but rarely tends to find much luck during the postseason. Now,they have signed two of the top 100 high school prospects. The additions of Jaylen Fisher and Josh Parrish. Hopefully the Horned Frogs will find a way to turn this program around.

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