The Weekly NBA Power 7 – April 3, 2017

Stephen Curry, NBAE Getty Images

By Evan Dyal,

Just week and a half remains in the NBA seasons. This week has shown the top teams battle for seeding, the average teams still fighting to get in and the bottom teams are in a tanking battle. This week has featured both surprising performances from teams and players. There is much left to be decided and it will be exciting to see how it all plays out. The stars have come out to shine recently, and some are single handedly carrying their teams on their backs. Here are the top seven performers of the week in the NBA.

1. Steph Curry – Steph Curry with the shot boi! That shooting slump he had earlier in the season is nothing more than a distant memory now. Steph has absolutely been cooking recently, and the Warriors have won 11 straight. When KD comes back, this team will be terrifying. Golden State went 5-0 this week, with all wins coming against playoff teams. The five wins including a pair of back to back wins at Houston and at San Antonio. This should prove that Golden State is the clear favorite. Steph has been the head of the snake for the warriors, shooting 46% from three and 51% from the field. For the week Steph has averaged 29.6 points and 8.4 assists.

2. Kemba Walker – The Charlotte Hornets have come back from the dead. Just two weeks ago they were 29-39, five games back with only a 2% chance of making it. Now they are 36-41 and are only a game out. Kemba Walker has been playing out of his mind to lead this resurgence. The Hornets went 4-1 this week with wins at Toronto and at OKC. Charlotte now has a real chance to make the playoffs, and it’s because of there first time all star Kemba Walker. For the week Kemba averaged 27.2 points and 5.4 assists.

3. Jimmy Butler – All of the sudden the dysfunctional Bulls are rolling. Dwayne Wades injury has helped, as Butler has been much better without him. He is scoring and distributing at a career pace, and the Bulls are thriving because of it. The Bulls were 4-0 this week, with three of them over playoff teams. Chicago is now in the seventh seed, and can climb as high as five, especially with a soft schedule ahead. For the week Butler has averaged 29.2 points and 8 assists.

4. Lebron James – Return of the king. The Cavs have fallen on some hard times; they have lost the one seed and are a mess of defense. Don’t blame the King, he is doing everything he can to right the ship before playoff team. Cleveland was only 2-2 this week, including a blowout loss at San Antonio, but they are showing signs of life. James has been spectacular, especially last night against Indiana when he went for 41,16,11. He will need to be great for the Cavs to get back to the finals, its no longer a given. For the week James averaged 29.5 points, 10.7 rebounds and 8.2 assists.

5. Isaiah Thomas – I don’t know if you have heard, but the Boston Celtics have the number one seed in the East. Isaiah Thomas is the main reason why, and he has been spectacular as usual in the past few weeks. The Celtics were 3-1 this week and Thomas has been getting buckets. For the week Thomas has averaged 29 points on 50% shooting from the field.

6. Kawhi Leonard – The Claw is back to reigning terror on the league, and despite the disappointing home loss to Golden State, the Spurs had a strong week. The Spurs also had three wins over playoff teams. San Antonio won’t catch Golden State for the 1 seed, but they are heading into the playoffs strong. Along with his usual defensive mastery, the claw for the week averaged 24.2 points.

7. Damian Lillard – The recent stalwart on this list continue to shine. The Blazers were 4-0 this week and are now in the eight seed of the west, and will probably hold on to that spot with Denver fading. Lillard has continued his strong play and has been shooting the lights out recently. His hot shooting has lifted Portland’s offense to new levels. It’s a shame Jusef Nurik just got hurt. For the week Lillard has averaged 25.7 points to go along with 7.5 assists.

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