The Five Best Players who are NBA Ready

Arizona’s Lauri Markkanen; Credit AP

By Nick Puricelli,

The 2017 draft class is one of the most talented classes we’ve seen in a long time. Freshman talent from Durham to Los Angeles, as well as the always talented Kentucky Wildcats. NBA teams are in for some great young talent this year and there are great players all over the country. Here is the top five players who are NBA ready for 2017.

One of the best big man in college basketball and top NBA prospect comes from the hockey country of Finland. Lauri Markkanen can shoot the outside shot and though he doesn’t post up often, can use post moves on the inside to score also. Markkanen can score from anywhere on the court. Another one of Markkanen’s strengths is the pick and pop, as the screener, and he stretches the floor really well for the Arizona wildcats. Markkanen’s weakness comes on the defensive of side of the ball, he has less then average strength, so stronger players can body up on him easily. Lauri Markkanen is one of the best offensive scorers in the country as a big and is a Top 10 pick in this years draft. 

Even though Harry Giles has seen limited floortime due to a left knee arthroscope he he had an early October, Harry Giles will still be able on every lottery teams draft board. The number two overall player in this past year’s recruiting class has battled knee injuries since 2013 when Giles suffered a torn ACL, MCL, and meniscus in his left knee. In 2015 Giles partially tore his right ACL. Seeing Giles dominate in high school instantly put him in the top five players in the country, which is impressive with so many star freshman this year. Giles has incredible athleticism and a 7’3 wingspan and can post up off the dribble. Of course the injuries to Giles is weakness and on every NBA general manager’s mind, however if Giles gets more confident with his knees and sees more minutes he will start to show he is a top draft pick

Dennis Smith Jr is also coming off the torn left ACL injury.  Smith Jr is playing as good as any point guard in the country. The 6’3 freshmen from Fayetteville, North Carolina is very explosive guard who can drive on defenders,and has been able to hit some big threes this year for the North Carolina State Wolfpack. Smith Jr has good court vision and is averaging 5.5 assists per game as well as 18.9 points per game and is a big factor for the Wolfpack this year. One of Smith Jr’s weaknesses is his off ball movement, he doesn’t move that much without the ball, but when the offense runs through him, NC State is very effective and Smith Jr can either find the open man or score for himself. Smith Jr is one of the best scorers and best point guards in college basketball And will be a great scorer and a great point guard in the NBA. 

Jason Tatum has great size for a shooting guard, 6 foot 8 205 pounds, Tatum can post up defenders from the elbow and can a shoot over the defender or take the ball off the dribble to the basket. He is a very good scorer from the high post and off the wing, Tatum also moves off the ball well and can create for himself. Tatum can hit the open three but is a little inconsistent from long-range. Tatum can also be more effective if he improves his first step off the dribble, If he improves his first step, and creates space, he can either shoot over the defender or drive on the defender. Tatum is averaging 15.4 points per game 7.6 rebounds and 2.2 assists per game. Tatum can play shooting guard or small forward in the NBA has great size to score and being all star in the NBA.

6 foot 6 point guard Lonzo Ball took over college basketball when his number 11 UCLA Bruins went into Rupp Arena to play the number one Kentucky wildcats. UCLA held the lead most of the game with Ball leading the way. Ball showed NBA range hitting a deep three at the end of the first half.  Ball finished with 14 points, six rebounds, and seven assists on the game and the Bruins upset the number one Wildcats 97-92. Ball is well known for his amazing court vision and playmaking ability. one of Ball’s weaknesses might be his awkward shot, but has shown to be a pretty consistent shooter. Ball is the countries most exciting player and is on the countries most exciting team, Ball has great size for a point guard and will be an all star point guard in the future NBA. 

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