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Playing The Point – April 24, 2017

LeBron James; Credit – Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images

By Jay Colby,

1. Grizzlies tie the series at 2-2 with 110-108 victory in OT – In one of the better playoff games thus far the Memphis Grizzlies tie the series 2-2. Thanks to Marc Gasol 12-foot floater with 0.7 seconds left in overtime.

The Five Best NBA Games to Watch – January 5 to January 11

By Matthew Elliot,

There are certain games that coaches and players mark on their calendars to use as a measuring stick in regards to progress and overall success. It is difficult to say that players will give everything they have for each of their 82 games in a NBA season but we know these five games will bring All Star caliber competition to the hardwood this week. Here are the best 5 games to watch from January 5th to January 10th:

Playing The Point Weekly Column – January 2, 2017

George Karl; Getty Images

By Jay Colby,

Here is the new weekly column call “Playing The Point” will give you the weekly gossip that is going on in the NBA.

Here are the Possible Trade Destinations for DeMarcus Cousins

Credit - Getty Images

Credit – Getty Images

By Reuven Gonzales,

The relationship between DeMarcus Cousins and the Sacramento Kings has been quickly deteriorating for the past several years. Although both sides deny any serious rifts, the animosity can be felt around the league. Cousins’ issues with maturity have frustrated the Kings’ front office and their inability to please Cousins has frustrated him. His unhappiness has even lead to the firing of head coach George Karl after many in-game shouting matches, behind-the-scenes argumentns, and media battles between the two finally boiled over. The Kings have at times claimed that Cousins is not on the trading block, but with how toxic the two are for each other, Sacramento must undoubtedly be shopping him around to find a worthwhile deal. Here are 5 teams Cousins can possibly land with.  

1. Boston Celtics – What seems to be the most likely of destinations for DeMarcus Cousins up to this point is the Boston Celtics. They are a young team on the rise looking to make the next step on their way to returning to championship form and an experienced and dominating big man like Cousins would certainly accomplish that. The Celtics also have plenty of pieces to offer to the Kings. It would be up to Danny Ainge to put together the right package of players and draft picks to get Sacramento to send Cousins their way, but that’s something he has plenty of experience in doing.  

2. Houston Rockets – With a hole at the center position after the loss of Dwight Howard to the Atlanta Hawks, the Rockets may be in the market for a big man like DeMarcus Cousins. Although they may not have as many quality pieces to trade away, Houston does have the quantity. In one trade scenario proposed by SpaceCityScoop.com, the Kings would receive Corey Brewer, K.J. McDaniels, Sam Dekker, and Clint Capela for Cousins. A pairing of Cousins with all-star guard James Harden in Houston would make for quite a powerful, high-scoring, inside-out offense. The Rockets might not be the Kings’ first choice trade partner, but Houston may certainly make themselves an option in their search for a new post man.

3. Toronto Raptors – The newest rumor circulating around the league regarding DeMarcus Cousins is that he may be traded to the Raptors. Toronto would have to give up some key role players, but they would be forming a daunting core of Cousins, Kyle Lowry, and DeMar DeRozan. After electrifying the city the past two seasons with deep playoff runs, the Raptors are looking to go all the way and bring a championship to Toronto. Cousins would be a good fit culturally with the city and fans, contributing to its toughness and hard-nosed attitude. And now, following the Olympics, Cousins has played with both Lowry and DeRozan on the same team, meaning the development of chemistry between the three has already been initiated.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers – The defending champs have been indicated as a team that has at least inquired about a possible trade for DeMarcus Cousins with a package centering around forward Kevin Love. The move would certainly make them heavy favorites to repeat, as their Big 3 would only be strengthened by acquiring the all-star center. The trade would be more complicated than if the Kings chose to deal with another team. A Sacramento-Cleveland trade would have to involve a third team in order to make the numbers work, and that third team could possibly be the Brooklyn Nets. The move would be beneficial for both star players; Cousins would play with a championship contender, and Love would once again be the number one man on his team. This deal is less likely to happen than others, but the Cavaliers interest in Cousins at least makes for interesting discussion.  

5. Washington Wizards – This one is a stretch but it might be the most intriguing from a fan’s perspective. One of the main reasons for this trade even being brought up is the tension between guards John Wall and Bradley Beal. Although both are young stars in the league and one of the best back courts in the NBA, it’s no secret that the two don’t get along all too well. The most interesting part of this trade would be the reunion of the former Kentucky Wildcats teammates, Cousins and Wall. The two would be able to run up and down the court in the same uniform once again and thrill the basketball world like they did in their college days. This deal has a small chance of happening, especially since it wouldn’t even be possible until shortly after the regular season starts, but it can be something the Kings look to if they are unable to strike a deal in the offseason and want use it as a last resort to part ways with Cousins.

2016 NBA Draft Lottery Recap

NBA deputy commissioner Mark Tatum, left, poses for a photo with Philadelphia 76ers head coach Brett Brown. Credit - AP

NBA deputy commissioner Mark Tatum, left, poses for a photo with Philadelphia 76ers head coach Brett Brown. Credit – AP

By Jake Katz,

Tuesday night was an important night for playoff basketball, but for the non-playoff teams it was all about the 2016 NBA Draft Lottery. The night of the draft lottery has always been an exciting night for teams and fans vying for a top pick in the Draft.