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Father And Son Together In Syracuse

Buddy Boeheim; CNY Central

By Ryan Touhey,                                                                                           

Jim Boeheim, the head basketball coach at Syracuse University, will have a part of himself playing on the court for the Orange for the 2018-19 college basketball season. His son Buddy Boeheim, has officially committed to become a member of the Orange’s men’s basketball.

Hoops on Campus – “Anything & Everything College Hoops”: For the week of January 28, 2017

By Regina Robinson,

Balancing Excellence in School and Play

Bracketologists are wringing their hands with excitement at the NCAA Selection Committee’s first-ever early preview of March Madness (live Feb. 11 on CBS), which will reveal the current top 16 seeds. Here’s another pretty impressive ranking: the 2015-2016 Athletic Directors Honor Roll.

“Hoops on Campus – “Anything & Everything College Hoops”: For the week of January 21, 2017

Monte Morris; Credit – Getty Images

By Regina Robinson,

Greatest Show on College’s Hardwood Earth

Definition of a circus shot:
When a player goes into acrobatic contortions to get the basketball to go in the basket, we commonly use the term “circus shot” to describe the feat. And that term came about probably because, as Merriam-Webster defines circus, it’s a “large arena enclosed by tiers of seats on three or all four sides and used especially for sports or spectacles (as athletic contests, exhibitions of horsemanship, or in ancient times chariot racing); a public spectacle; something suggestive of a circus (as in frenzied activity, sensationalism, theatricality, or razzle-dazzle).”

Bracket 68 – Week of January 7, 2017

By Nick Puricelli,

Bracket 68 is a weekly column getting you ready for the NCAA tournament. Each week will cover all four number one seeds and teams who can get hot in the tournament. Also, we’ll look at higher seeded teams who can lose early, and also look at mid major teams who can make a tournament run. Conference play is in full swing and every team is striving to be ready when march madness arrives in two months.

College Basketball’s Top Ten Stories So Far This Season

Lonzo Ball: Credit: Josh Groom - Fox Sports Australia

Lonzo Ball: Credit: Josh Groom – Fox Sports Australia

By Ryan Rocklin,

1. How Good is UCLA?
First, let me begin by saying UCLA will be mentioned a few times in this article. That’s why I chose Lonzo Ball for the article’s image and he is very deserving of the honor. So far this season the Bruins have been setting college basketball on fire with their nine-game winning streak and electric highlights from their freshman point guard, Lonzo Ball. Lonzo was one of the top high school players in the nation and now he is making a name for himself in the college hoops scene. Lonzo is currently averaging 14.6 points per game to go along with 4.9 rebounds per game and 9.6 assists per game. UCLA is 9-0, and after defeating number 1 ranked Kentucky on Saturday, they look to be an unstoppable force heading into the mist of the season. Time will only tell if UCLA can keep up this fantastic brand of basketball.