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Playing The Point June 12, 2017

By Jay Colby,

1. Cavs & Warriors Game 5 Preview – This game will be the turning point of the series with Cleveland playing with house money already down 3-1.

Where Will DeMarcus Cousins End Up?

Credit – Getty Images

By Andrew Kenny,

At 26 years old Cousins is entering the prime of his career and is currently in the middle of his best season as a pro.  The only issue is he is doing it on a Kings team that is going nowhere in the west. They are currently 3 games back of the 8 seed in the west wasting Cousins’ 28.3 PPG and 10.9 RBG. It is in the best interest of both the Kings and Cousins that he be traded.

An Analysis of the Second Round of the 2016 NBA Playoffs

Credit - Getty Images

Credit – Getty Images

By Joe Persichetti,

There is no shortage of drama during the regular season and that doubles during the playoffs. The teams know what’s at stake as they compete for the honor of hoisting the Larry O’Brien trophy for their representing city and that sometimes causes tempers to flare. The air is much different during the post-season and the resulting matchups span the entire spectrum.

First Round Playoff Analysis:

NBA Playoffs

Raptors Vs. Pacers:

This first round matchup has the possibility of running through seven games. The Pacers have been playing some lock down defense thanks to Paul George, who has rebounded nicely since returning for his first full NBA season after his injury. George has done a nice job of establishing himself as an elite two-way forward. His inside game isn’t what it used to be but he has a nice touch outside the arc and is more than capable of defending opponents from outside. Combine that with Miles Tuner and Monta Ellis and there’s no wonder that the Pacers have shown this much grit and grind against the Raptors. Ellis has proven himself to be a capable all around guard that can put the team on his back if need be. Turner has emerged as a much improved rookie and is “turning” into a capable inside defender. Many thought that the Raptors would sweep the Pacers, but they’re hanging on and forcing the Raptors to earn each win.

NBA PLAYOFFS: Game one thoughts and heroes of game one

Credit - NBA

Credit – NBA

By Jimmie Sykes,

In the eight game ones of the NBA Playoffs this weekend basketball fans got both the expected and unexpected. Five out of eight games resulted in blowout wins which didn’t come as a surprise to many. Some teams showed more of the same woes and other teams impressed. But this is only game one and the butterflies should be gone away now. This article will discuss the expected, the unexpected, and the heroes of game one.