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Playing The Point – April 17, 2017

Jimmy Butler; Credit – Getty Images

By Jay Colby,

1. Jimmy Butler Lead Bulls rally to beat Celtics 106-102 in series opener – In surprising fashion the Chicago Bulls comeback to beat the Boston Celtics behind Jimmy Butler 30 points and 9 rebounds. The Game 1 loss was an emotional night for Boston’s star Isaiah Thomas grieving the tragic loss of his 22-year-old sister Chyna Thomas.

The Downfall of New York Basketball!

By Evan Dyal,

New York City is known as the mecca of basketball. The birth of basketball was here. Madison Square Garden is known as the most famous basketball arena in the world. The Nets in New Jersey were a proud franchise that went to back-to-back finals in the early 2000’s. In Brooklyn the team got off to early success with two straight playoff appearances, but since then have been one of the worst teams. The Knicks haven’t made the playoffs in four years. The Nets are worst team in the league, and haven’t made the playoffs in two years. How did this happen? New York is supposed to represent success and wins. Both teams now are amongst the worst in the league. So how did they fall so hard, and how do they get back up to the top?

What Will Happen To the Miami Heat In the Offseason?

Goran Dragic (L) Dwyane Wade (R); Credit - Getty Images

Goran Dragic (L) Dwyane Wade (R); Credit – Getty Images

By Tevin Mills,

With the Toronto Raptors Game 7 116-89 victory over the Miami Heat, this year’s conference semifinals are finally in the books. With Toronto advancing, the basketball community misses out on the coveted Heat/Cavs Eastern Final and instead gets a series that will be over eight days from today.

NBA Eastern Playoff Analysis Round 1- Heat Vs. Hornets:

Luol Deng; Credit - NBA

Luol Deng; Credit – NBA

By Joseph Persichetti,

The playoff picture in the Eastern Conference is shaping up to be a wild ride. With four teams each ending with the same record of 48-34 the possibility of an exciting seven game series increases as teams are, for the most part, evenly matched.

1st Round NBA Playoffs Predictions and Things to Watch

NBA Playoffs

By Brent Best

The regular season has ended and the intensity is about to pick up. Many of the top analysts believe that the first round will be pretty uneventful but there are still plenty of reasons to watch each series. The appeal of the western conference playoffs has taken some huge hits with the loss of key players due to injury but with those losses come opportunity for others. You never know when the next star could be born. Here are a few things to pay attention to in each series as well as my prediction for the outcome.