NCAA States That It’s Considering Schedule Changes for 2018-19

By Ryan Touhey,

According to various news outlets, the Division I Men’s College Basketball Oversight Committee is reportedly having talks regarding a schedule change. More specifically, a change in the starting date for the season.

According to the NCAA website, the Committee met up in Indianapolis last week on Wednesday and Thursday. The main topic of the conversation was the possibility of starting the 2018-19 season on the, “Tuesday before the second Friday in November as the season’s uniform start date. This would be three days earlier than the current start date.”

If this were the case, the season would start on Election Day, which would be November 7. The NCAA also stated that the Committee talked about making the season 21 weeks with a three to four-day break required for the athletes at some time during their university’s winter break.

There would be numerous benefits to adopting a new schedule. It could provide fresh excitement for college basketball fans. It also gives the players a little more time to recuperate their bodies in between games instead of trying to cram everything all together.

It could also ease the pressure for the players and allow them to catch up on other activities, especially their schoolwork.

The NCAA stated that, “In recent years, it has become part of the sport’s culture to hold regular-season openers with ties to U.S. military venues to honor and entertain current and past service members. The date currently being considered would ensure that Veterans Day would be included in the early part of the season annually.”

According to the NCAA website, the Committee noted that the game’s pace and the stability of offense and defense had gotten better in the past two years.

The Committee asked the NCAA Men’s Basketball Rules Committee to take a look to see if there are any possibilities of changing game rules within the next six to 12 months. That way, the game’s energy could be expanded even further.

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