Marvin Bagley III Considering Reclassifying

Credit SI

By Ryan Touhey,

According to numerous news sources, Marvin Bagley III, one of the nation’s top high school basketball prospects in the class of 2018, is attempting to reclassify into the class of 2017. He is trying to play in the NCAA during this upcoming season.

The Scout website has the 18-year-old southpaw listed at 6’11”. He has a 7-2 wingspan and is very athletic and quick off of his feet to block shots and set picks. He does need to improve his game mentally a bit, such as making quick decisions on the fast paced court.

No source though has claimed that this has been finalized. According to CBS Sports, Bagley’s father, said, “You should probably ask CBS Sports; it seems that they know more than I know.” Bagley has not committed any college just yet.

News sources have stated that Bagley will visit colleges such as Duke, USC and Arizona in the coming weeks. Other colleges that have expressed interest include UCLA, the University of Kentucky and the University of Kansas.

Ben Stram of, praised Bagley’s unselfishness on the court and his ability to run around and stay on top of his game at all times.

Bagley said in an interview with Sporting News, “I just want to get better. You can have the talent, but I want to grow as a person. I want to be around great people and be in an environment that’s helping me to grow. I’m excited about this college thing, man, wherever I go.”

Bagley should be a great asset to whatever team he winds up playing for in the future. He is expected to participate in the NBA Draft by 2019 and he should be perceived as the biggest prize there is.

According Kentucky’s website, Bagley is playing in the Nike Peach Jam and is guaranteed double-double. Within the next few weeks, it’ll be interesting to see where Bagley’s heart starts to lean towards as he continues this process.

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