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Credit – AP

By Regina Robinson

An Award-winning Week for Butler
In the spirit of the Golden Globe Awards, for best-in-show in college basketball this week, the award goes to … Butler. The categories are:

Best Screenplay: The Bulldogs opened the season with the typical storyline of the underdogs with no splash. Now in the third act, Butler is all the sabermetricists, analyticists and social mediaists can talk about as we gear up for the finale: March Madness.

Best Picture: It was a historic day, the Jan. 4 win over Villanova; ending the longest-winning record in Wildcats history; Butler remaining undefeated for the season against ranked teams; and the Bulldogs continued winning streak (12) at Hinkle Fieldhouse.

Best Leading Role: Junior forward Kelan Martin grew from a “lazy and chunky” (his parent’s description) basketball caterpillar to a possible-NBA-prospect butterfly, as the current argument has him as the best player in the Big East.

Best Supporting Player: He’s 5’11,” but adds 10 feet of depth and drive to the Butler roster. Tyler Lewis, a North Carolina State transfer, had 10 games where he led the team in assists, with his 4.7 assists, fourth in the Big East and 93rd overall, says butlersports.com.

Best Original Score: In this case the score is not music, but points. Butler’s so deep, a player with too few minutes of playing time to be in kenpom.com’s offensive rankings was the deciding factor in one of Butler’s biggest wins (see Nate Fowler and the Georgetown win via indystar.com).

Best Drama: The Bulldogs were flying back to Indiana after the Dec. 29 loss to St. John’s when the airplane loss cabin pressure and went dark, dropping from 35,000 feet to 10,000 feet, requiring oxygen masks. The plane made an emergency landing in Pittsburgh and the team traveled by bus back to Indianapolis the next day. Then, after the Bulldogs’ monumental win over Georgetown Jan. 7, the team had to stay overnight in the Washington, D.C. area because of mechanical problems with its flight on another charter airline. All players are safe, if not, understandably, a little shaken.

Best Director: The NCAA fining Butler $5,000 for storming the court after the abovementioned Villanova win.

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