Craig Thompson Rejoins NCAA Committee

By Ryan Touhey,

Mountain West Conference commissioner Craig Thompson will rejoin the NCAA Committee for a portion of the 2017-18 season. According to ESPN, this will be his second time being a member of the Committee. He was last there 17 years ago in 2000.

According to ESPN, Thompson will be substituting for New Mexico athletic director Paul Krebs. Krebs abdicated his position from the board earlier in the month.

In an interview with ESPN, Thompson stated that, “A couple people at the NCAA reached out and some current committee people saying it would be real challenge to have four new people at the same time and would I consider it.”

According to the Mountain West website, Thompson has been serving as the commissioner of the Conference since Oct. 15, 1998. He was responsible for arranging $300 million in TV revenue and also helped construct it for the future.

He brought in colleges such as Fresno State and the University of Nevada in 2012. The following year, he brought in San Jose State and Utah State.

“We needed someone with history and experience, and unfortunately no one in the current Mountain West structure would offer that, it would just be a fourth new member,” said Thompson in an interview with ESPN. “Everybody understood that and I said absolutely the full intent was to serve one year and this fall and early into next spring we will select someone to fill out the remaining three years of the term.”

ESPN also reported that because of his commitment, Thompson will now step down from his spot on the Men’s Basketball Oversight Committee. The reason for this is because the Men’s Basketball Oversight Committee supervises the NCAA Committee.

According to, the NCAA Committee for the 2017-18 season will include the following members along with Thompson:
Bruce Rasmussen- Athletic Director of Creighton University and chairperson of the Committee
Mitch Barnhart- Athletic Director of University of Kentucky
Tom Burnett- Commissioner of the Southland Conference
Janet Cone- Athletic Director of University of North Carolina at Asheville
Bernard Muir- Athletic Director of Stanford University
Jim Phillips- Athletic Director of Northwestern University
Jim Schaus- Athletic Director of Ohio University
Kevin White- Athletic Director of Duke University
Keith Gill- Executive Associate Commissioner of the Atlantic 10


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