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The Brilliance Of UCLA Assistant Coach David Grace

By Ryan Touhey,

The competitive environment of NCAA Division I basketball is obviously different than the environment of the Air Force. Right?

Pac-12 Ready for the Big Show

Ivan Rabb; Credit - SI

Ivan Rabb; Credit – SI

By Regina Robinson,

The Pac-12 has never had a championship team according to my dear friend Wiggy (aka Itasca Wiggins), a veteran journalist, who now offers her authoritative narratives on sports, theater, music and the world at-large at watercoolers and watering holes around the country. She thinks this will be the Pac’s year now that the College Football Playoff Championship is in place; maybe UCLA or USC. But, then she realized, oh, that’s football and we’re talking basketball. She’s peachy keen about the conference’s hoop squads as well, but doesn’t foresee a championship looming there. So I put together the conference’s top 10, in basketball, without the help of our round-the-couch discussion. Seven picks were pretty obvious (see last year’s NCAA tournament).