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Top Undrafted Players of the 2016 NBA Draft

Gary Payton II; Credit AP

Gary Payton II; Credit AP

By Leighton Schneider,

The NBA draft has come and gone and only the select few got to hear their name called on Thursday night. As with every year, there were those players who snuck into the draft that none of the experts thought would be drafted and there are those players who the experts thought would be drafted. Here is my list of the top five undrafted free agents from this year’s draft. These players all made a huge impact during their time in college and will all get a serious look during the summer from the team’s that sign them.

On the Clock with NBA Draft Night 2016

16 NBA Draft

By Ashley Douglas,

Now that the Finals are over and the champions have been crowned, NBA fans will be turning to the 2016 draft as the last significant league event before the long off season. I’ve recently found myself wondering what I will do with all my new found spare time! The draft airs June 23rd and everyone is gearing up for what will prove to be a very big night for the league. The eligible candidates will wait eagerly with their loved ones for a shot at the big time to make their dreams come true.

Jamal Murray: A Preview of Canadian Caliber

Jamal Murray; Credit - AP

Jamal Murray; Credit – AP

By Joe Simmons,

The pool of talent in the 2016 Draft Class is lethal. The players that get selected on Thursday night will be the ones that lead the NBA in years to come. This year’s draft is full of promising talent. One of the proven youngsters is the 19-year old guard from Canada, Jamal Murray. Murray dominated throughout his youth, and for one season he was the top player for the University of Kentucky, under the leadership of John Calipari. As a teenager, Murray had become one of the most dominant players in the NCAA, and will become one of the next NBA greats.

Dunn at 1?

Kris Dunn; Credit - Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire

Kris Dunn; Credit – Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire

By Regina Robinson

I give up (before I even start)! I would like to offer up all the statistical expertise that can be gathered from the robot journalism plugging in the numbers, or sports/basketball blogs sharing a wealth of pontifications on where two-time Big East Player of the Year, Kris Dunn, will fall in Thursday’s 2016 NBA Draft.

Can Brandon Ingram Make It?

Credit - Zimbo

Credit – Zimbo

By Brianna Pleasant,

With the NBA draft less than 24 hours away, the anticipation is rising  for those young men hoping to further their basketball careers. Former Duke Blue Devils forward, Brandon Ingram, has been one f the top prospects discussed throughout this process. The debate revolving around him and Ben Simmons draft placement has been one of the most talked about stories this off-season.