Arizona Earns No. 1 Spot In Top 25

Credit – Chris Hook/Arizona Athletics

By Ryan Touhey,

Arizona freshman guard Rawle Alkins announced on Sunday that he had second thoughts about entering the NBA Draft, and instead opted to return to Arizona for this upcoming season. It may wind up being a logical choice for Alkins because Arizona is expected to accomplish big things during the 2017-18 NCAA basketball season.

According to, before he made his choice, Alkins said, “I didn’t think I really showcased (offense) too much this season being that I was a freshman. Whether I go back to school or go to the NBA Draft, I think that’s going to expand because I continue to work on my craft and my game every day.”

According to CBS Sports, Arizona has moved ahead of Kansas for the No. 1 spot in the Top 25 for this upcoming season. CBS reported that the Wildcats will have Allonzo Trier and Dusan Ristic rejoining the Wildcats and Alkins for next season, along with an electric top-five freshman class that includes highly ranked DeAndre Ayton and Emmanuel Akot.

Akot, who attends Wasatch Academy in Mount Pleasant, Utah, is reclassifying to graduate this year instead of next year. In an interview with Scout Hoops, Akot said, “I chose to reclass because I know I’m ready. I want to get better and I know I will get pushed everyday at Arizona. I’ll be on a really good team too so this is a great opportunity for me.”

According to, Akot was originally rated the 14th-best prospect for the class of 2018. Now, he’s rated 20th overall in the class of 2017. He also has averaged 17 points a game, 5.5 rebounds, 3.6 assists and makes nearly 50% of his shots from behind the arc.

According to, Akot’s grades and schoolwork are strong and should be good enough to earn all of the requirements necessary for graduation this year. Akot’s head coach Curtis Condie, stated that Akot will take summer courses at Arizona and should be able to join the team when it travels to Spain to play a series of exhibition games in August.

There’s a lot of excitement going around in Arizona and the pieces appear to be coming together. Arizona’s lineup is stacked from top to bottom, and they should be an extremely strong and consistent team that has a legitimate chance at hoisting the NCAA Division I trophy high above their heads for next season.

CBS Sports has the Top 10 rated:
1. Arizona
2. Kansas
3. Michigan State
4. North Carolina
5. Wichita State
6. Duke
7. Louisville
8. Kentucky
9. Villanova
10. USC

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